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IEO is an acronym for initial exchange offering, when people started losing faith in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) IEO became their hope. It is the new form of fundraising, providing a new way for blockchain startups to raise initial funds.

IEOs are different from ICOs as it involves exchanges directly rather than inadvertent methods such as token airdrops for distributing tokens. In this model, Startups do not sell tokens directly, they collaborate with cryptocurrency exchanges that organize and execute token sales. These Exchanges are established companies and have better trust and reach.

Additionally, they can handle the promotion of…

1FX IEO PRE SALE ended in the last month and the end of the 1FX IEO PRE LAUNCH sale is also very near. People are joining 1FX and showing their love by investing in it.

However, we got some questions on social media, in which people were asking about the process of creating a 1FX account and buying 1FX coins. So here we are with the process.

1FX Coin — The Next big change in Forex Trading

1FX is a Cryptocurrency and blockchain-based platform, It is the world’s first forex trading crypto coin, which is not only secured but the quickest mode of international transactions with the minimum trade and…

1FX is a trading platform and possibly the first platform that allows users to trade with cryptocurrency in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market. To make the platform and facility easily accessible 1FX team is adding more and more brokers to the platform.

With 1FX and 1FX Coin Forex Traders, brokers and Investors will enjoy rapid value growth due to limited supply and a platform with no mediators involves, but there are more Investment Benefits of 1FX for Forex Traders and Investors and we are listing all of them here, in this article.

Investment Benefits of 1FX for Investors and traders

There are various benefits 1FX investors and traders…

The Foreign Exchange Market or Forex Market is the global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. It determines the foreign exchange rate and includes all aspects of buying and exchanging currencies at current or fixed prices.

FOREX is the medium by which diverse currencies are continuously exchanged by millions of people. The Forex trading process completely takes place electronically over the counter, which means all transactions happen with computer networks between traders around the world. Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world with a trading rate of 5.4 trillion dollars a day.

Problems with Current Forex Structure

However, the transaction…

Hey, did you miss the 1FX Pre IEO Sale? Fret not! 1FX IEO Pre Launch will start from February 1, 2021.

Yes, you heard it right, 1FX, the project that is on the way to bringing the revolution in the Forex market is giving one more opportunity to all the interested people to buy 1FX coin in IEO Pre Launch at the unbelievable value of — content 0.40.

What is 1FX?

1FX will effectively eliminate the mediators like financial institutions and 3rd party payment websites from the overseas money transfer process for FOREX Trading, It will also reduce the risk of brokers and…

Foreign Exchange or Forex is the biggest financial market in the world and it involves the buying and selling of different types of currencies. Traders of FOREX keep their eyes on currency exchange rates to get profit from trading foreign currencies.

The FOREX market has various key features including a wide variety of currencies available for trading, low transaction costs, trading 23 hours a day during the week, market size, and volatility.

However, the FOREX market also has a few problems, and traders, investors, and almost all parts of this industry and their profit get hit by these problems.



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